December 13, 2017

South African chief uses community funds to build himself a plush palace

Kgosi Bob Edward Mogale of the Bapo Ba Mogale Community, which is located near Platinum-rich Marikana, in South Africa’s North West Province, allegedly used the bulk of royalties which Lomnin paid his community to build himself a plush palace.

According to a report by Brendan Boyle of Land and Accountability Research Centre in Department of Public Law at the University of Cape Town, a forensic report which Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, commissioned in 2012, has revealed that as much as R500.2 million (approximately $33 million), dating from 1994, has been misappropriated.

This case of a chief looting community coffers is not unusual in Africa.

As custodians of funds, chiefs are wont to abusing their semiautonomous positions to enrich themselves at the expense of their subjects.

Mining companies are obliged to pay their dues to communities in which their operations are based in many ways in Africa. But sometimes when dues are in the form of funds which are invested in a trust account, issues of accountability arise.

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