November 21, 2017

Namibian outage damages Dundee Precious Metals’ smelter

While Namibia’s mining sector is counting the loss of potential income due to downtime after a power outage on 22 July 2016, Dundee Precious Metals has lost much more.

According to The Namibian, the Canadian Company says the blackout damaged the refractory lining of its Ausmelt furnace at Tsumeb processing facility, which has to be completely replaced.

Dundee says the cooling water entered the furnace as the back-up power and water cooling systems did not come online as expected, and this affected the integrity of the lining.

The replacement is expected to take three weeks. This will reduce 2016 concentrate throughput by approximately 20,000 tonnes. The vast majority of the costs associated with repairing the physical damage are expected to be covered through the company’s insurance programme.

According to Dunde’s Tsumeb’s operations management, due to measures that were carried out there were no fatalities were recorded during the outage.

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