November 23, 2017

Chemical industry sees return to quality pumps

Local manufacturers within the chemical and petro-chemical industry are shifting towards high technology pumps that meet the highest specifications in order to remain abreast of ever stricter international standards.

This is according to Kenneth Mc Geehan, KSB Pumps and Valves Projects Department, who adds that there is simultaneously a strong requirement to meet local content policies for almost all major projects that are happening or being planned for the future.

“This puts us in a unique position as a global technology leader in the pump industry with our own internationally accredited manufacturing plant right here in South Africa. That means that local users get the best of both worlds with the latest technology pumps developed on the global stage and manufactured locally.

Technically advanced

“A good example is our standard RPH and the RPHmdp process pumps which are well proven in the market and undergo regular development and constant improvement to ensure they are at the leading edge of performance and efficiency. They can be configured for any API material where pressure and temperature are a key influencer in the pumps’ manufacture. As a result, they can handle varying pressures and temperatures on chemical and petrochemical applications.

“These are exceptional pumps and there are many more equally and even more impressive pumps in our range. It is therefore safe to say that no matter what the application we will have a solution, or we will develop a solution, using the best of local and international technical talent at our disposal.

“Also, with the need for cleaner fuels and advanced chemicals there is a need for super efficiency and reliability in order to support uninterrupted manufacturing outputs. As a supplier of advanced, quality pumps our sales are buoyant as a result of the market’s return to quality brands.

Service and repairs

“Our local presence also means that we are fully committed to the local chemical and petrochemical industries and are easy to do business with, have shorter lead times and buyers get the benefit of authorised and accredited service and repair facilities in South Africa,” says Kenneth.

He concludes that the company supplies many of the largest chemical manufacturers in the country, yet remains easy to do business with and committed to its entire customer base – from the largest to the smallest.

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