November 21, 2017

Latest ‘environmental solutions to be unveiled at Electra Mining Africa 2016

 Exhibiting for the first time at Electra Mining Africa 2016, leading environmental solutions company I-CAT will launch a range of water, fire and dust-suppression technologies.

I-CAT Marketing Director Lourens Jansen van Rensburg comments that the flagship exhibition is an ideal forum to showcase the company’s services and products to potential new clients. “I-CAT has been in existence for ten years, and our exponential growth in the last five years has underlined our unique offering to clients in the mining industry.”

“We operate in a very competitive industry, and Electra Mining will afford us the opportunity to offer mining operators an alternative to their current service and product providers. Due to the prestige and sheer size of Electra Mining, we expect it to draw a much more focused visitor profile dedicated specifically to finding solutions and suppliers for their specific requirements,” Jansen van Rensburg stresses.

The R-SDR (Retractable Stockpile Dust Ring) will be showcased as the latest innovation from I-CAT Dust Solutions. Introduced to address dust issues at conveyor discharge points, the R-SDR system creates a virtual curtain around material flow for outstanding particle containment.

The I-VAP System (Waste Water Evaporation Cannon) from I-CAT Water Solutions is capable of handling 500 m3 per 12-hour day. The evaporation rate is 60% to 65%, depending on the ambient weather conditions.

The Roto-Fire-Pack (Backpack Fast Response System) from I-CAT Fire Solutions makes use of T-Rotor technology, currently the leading misting technology internationally. It extinguishes all classes of fires by using foam mist as the agent.

In addition, I-CAT will also be exhibiting its standard range of products for dust suppression and environmental services, including RDC 20 and GreenBit. A range of fire extinguishers, vehicle protection and localised protection systems will also be showcased.

Visitor participation and interaction will be encouraged by on-site demonstrations of the Roto-Fire-Pack and various extinguishers and systems, together with a working model of a dust suppression ring and a full-size evaporator.

“I-CAT will have an expert from each division on-site every day, together with a representative from top management. These will be able to answer any questions and carry out demonstrations where needed,” Jansen van Rensburg elaborates.

“All mines need to comply with environmental and OHS regulations, and most of our services and products are aimed to offer specific solutions in this sub-sector. We believe our brand is becoming well-known in the mining fraternity, and want to underline its relatability to ‘excellent service’ and ‘superior products’,” he concludes.

Visit I-CAT at P17 on the Outside Promenade at Electra Mining Africa 2016 from 12-16 September at Expo Centre Nasrec in Johannesburg. Further information can be found at

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