January 16, 2018

IRFUflex: An all-rounder for concrete compaction

With the internal vibrator IRFUflex, Wacker Neuson is presenting an innovation within the range of concrete compaction.

 Wacker Neuson expanded its product range of internal vibrators for concrete compaction with the new IRFUflex. With a flexible system, you can now cover a broad performance range for concrete compaction.

 Within the range of concrete compaction, Wacker Neuson presented three high quality product lines of internal vibrators at Bauma. Customers can thus decide for themselves whether they opt for a product from the Basic line (HMS) with simple comfort, the Economy line for standard applications (IE/IEC) or the Premium line for comprehensive comfort, maximum service life and the broadest performance range (IRFU/IREN).

The modular premium system IRFUflex is entirely new to the product range. It is part of the time-tested and proven IRFU series of the Premium line and combines many product advantages into one flexible system. Thanks to the innovative modular principle and the sturdy coupling system, it allows the end user to operate various vibrator heads with just one converter unit. Replacement is done in a few simple steps, which results in significant time savings. Vibrator heads with diameters between 30 and 57 millimeters can be connected to a single converter unit. The protective hose belonging to the vibrator head has standard lengths of 5 and 10 m, but can also be manufactured in any length from 0.5 – 10 m at the customer’s request. The uncomplicated change-over between the different vibrator heads makes it possible for the end user of the IRFUflex to adjust the movement radius and to vary the action radius when working with reinforcing steel mesh of various mesh sizes.

The IRFUflex offers particular advantages to rental park operators and large contractors. The modular system with just one converter unit and several vibrator heads saves costs for acquisition, maintenance and storage.

The appropriate unit can be individually assembled for every rental customer or any application. This offers maximum flexibility and increases the economic efficiency and utilisation.

In 1937, the first internal vibrator for professional concrete compaction was invented by Wacker Neuson. Today, the company’s various internal vibrators are the most sold world-wide. This is above all due to the time-tested and proven quality and the different possibilities that only Wacker Neuson offers with its three lines: Basic, Economy and Premium.

With the concrete specialists of “concrete solutions,” Wacker Neuson also offers expert advice for concrete compaction as an additional service, which can be retrieved via the Wacker Neuson sales network. Customers benefit from the extensive expertise in the project business as well as from a wide range of units and special equipment for customer-specific application areas.


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