November 24, 2017

Cementitious finishes: redefining urban living

New cementitious admixture and additive technologies are allowing for the development of an ever widening range of new, high performance, cost-effective products in which cement is an essential ingredient. The availability of these new products, coupled with the trend towards “raw” and more artisanal and natural looking finishes, is driving increased use of cement in particular, according to PPC Architect Daniel van der Merwe. “As home-owners and property developers demand more cost-effective and durable finishes, as well as building materials which are more environmentally-friendly, locally manufactured and less energy-intensive to produce, they’re finding that new composite cement-based products offer them new versatile, creative solutions.”

Continuous research into cementitious product development solutions are also unlocking previously unthought-of possibilities. Many of these are being driven by partnerships and collaborative relationships, notably by PPC and Cemcrete locally. Initiated a number of years ago to drive shared value for customers, the partnership is geared towards innovation, enabling adoption of quality products by consumers. “As the country’s leading cement manufacturer, PPC is able to consistently supply quality, high performance cement to the building industry, both at large and home-owner scale. When coupled with the availability of the new concrete technologies driven largely by Cemcrete, this has created a far broader value-chain that allows for the construction of world-class infrastructural, building and home developments,” notes Van der Merwe. “As such, Cemcrete is then able to literally unlock the ‘next layer’ of creative design, thanks to its decorative range.”

“For us at Cemcrete, it’s all about helping customers realise their concept through our collective products,” says Nadine Prinsloo, Cemcrete’s Marketing Manager. She adds that because cement-based products can create a unifying aesthetic, they enable a seamless transition from interior to exterior spaces. Through our partnership with PPC, we are ideally placed to offer home-owners a complete cement-based solution. Our decorative cementitious products are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to create unique and bespoke finishes through the use of colour, patterns, shapes or even special inlays. Because the finishes are applied by hand, each application will have its own personal texture and character as a result of everything from trowel movement during application, and mixing ratio to temperature on the day. This allows for an almost infinite range of creative finishes which will be a once-off.  In this way customers are able to add their own personalised touch to their homes.”

The creative partnership between PPC and Cemcrete will again be showcased in action at this year’s Cape Town Mini-Maker Faire from 26 – 28 August 2016. Tipped to be the “greatest show (and tell) on earth”, DIY and home enthusiasts can look forward to a little experimenting of their own at the PPC and Cemcrete workshops that will be hosted on the Saturday and Sunday at the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory, Cape Town. “People will never think of cement as grey and boring ever again,” says van der Merwe. “We encourage anyone thinking of renovating, decorating or planning the future home of their dreams to join us and discover there’s more to cement based products than they might think.”


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