November 24, 2017

Thermal imaging solution for precise measuring and documenting

GIS measure & document app, supported by the GIS 1000 C professional thermos detector, is a one-of-a-kind package from Bosch Measuring Tools that includes a standalone thermal detector device and app that gives professional contractors the opportunity to set multiple measurement points, insert notes, add project information and get more detailed measurement information.

Bosch Measuring Tools SA brand manager Sebastian Johannes explains that the GIS measure & document app is a mobile solution for documenting temperature measurements. It allows the user to share the generated data via email or store it in the app.

“It boasts a measurement point to view all corresponding measurements, a measurements tab for number of measurements and surface temperature and a value list for importing measurements. It includes colours to indicate the status according to the measurement mode chosen on the GIS 1000 C, while the connection status at the top indicates if it is connected via Bluetooth,” he says.

The tool also features a Sketch & Measure function, which allows the user to take a picture, set measurement points in the picture and add temperature measurements from the GIS 1000 C, using Bluetooth. The corresponding data, such as the dew point and ambient temperature, is then shown for each measurement point, according to the measurement mode chosen in the device.

According to Johannes, the user can share their project as a PDF document via email. “The user can create a new or open an existing project, sort and delete projects, add or edit project information, search for projects, files and notes with the search function.”

In order for the wizard in the application to be connected, the user must activate Bluetooth on both devices, select the GIS 1000 C device and finally make a sample measurement.“ The user can create their own project, add relevant project information such as project name, customer name and contact information. A file can be created by taking a picture or choosing one from the gallery, editing it, adding text notes, and deleting or moving the measurement points,” he continues

The GIS measure&document app is available free for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The free app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on the GIS 1000 C professional thermo detector please visit



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