October 23, 2017

New Wilden FIT Pumps to be exhibited at Electra Mining

As the sole distributor of Wilden in South Africa, the Letaba Group will be showcasing the new FIT Pump range as well as their other Advanced and Stallion series of Double Diaphragm Pumps from the trusted American pump manufacturer at Electra Mining 2016, at Hall 6, Stand K12.

The new FIT Pump range is an upgraded series of pumps, which have been designed with the same dimensions as the existing Wilden Original Series. “This new FIT Pump together with Wilden’s Pro –Flo Shift air valve technology utilises less air to achieve the same results, therefore saving on energy costs. Upgrades from the older series include better performance and efficiency,” says Letaba Industrial pumps General Manager, Ian Duke.

Duke says the FIT Pump range also introduces a robust bolted design, which is stronger and eliminates possible containment issues. “Our Original pumps are clamp banded, whereas the FIT Pump is bolted. This means it is easier to align during assembly and with less chance of leaks occurring from critical areas.”

“By matching the dimensions of the existing range, the FIT Pumps can eliminate the need to alter any existing pipe work and fits in perfectly on the same footprint as the Original clamped series”. Says Duke, who comments that some companies prefer this bolted design and now has the option of replacing their clamped series pumps with the FIT pumps as and when required.

Duke says some models of the FIT Series have followed on from the larger 3inch and 2inch port size models. “We have not had the 1.5inch model up until now, and this will complete the range. These will be displayed at Electra Mining.”

Wilden pumps excel in transferring difficult to pump fluids with a viscous, abrasive and corrosive nature. Due to their design and being air operated they are inherently safe to operate in explosive environments and eliminate all the costly electrical components needed when operating other electric driven pumps.

“Further, we will also be showcasing the Almatec air operated pumps at our stand at Electra Mining, which offers a different design with exceptional quality and containment for those viscous, abrasive and corrosive applications,” says Duke.

Duke notes that the Wilden Stallion Range in particular, is well known in the mining industry. “These are specifically configured for rough applications, and are strong and reliable”. The Stallion Range of solids handling pumps provides miners with durability, portability, and ease of maintenance. These pumps can handle large solids up to 25mm, and are equipped with collapsible handles for ease of handling. The Stallion Range also has a shock absorbing base which protects the inlet housings from unwanted damage in the harsh underground environment.

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