November 23, 2017

Blasting leader debuts at MinExpo, Las Vegas

As part of its global expansion strategy, South Africa-based blasting and explosives pioneer BME will exhibit at MinExpo in Las Vegas for the first time – showcasing AXXIS, its leading digital initiation system as well as other innovations.

 MinExpo is a big event in the mining calendar that will expose BME to mining professionals from all over the world.  We are pleased to showcase our expanding range of technology-driven products and services,” said BME managing director Joe Keenan.

 BME is very proud of its AXXIS electronic detonator system and its related blasting software BlastMap III, which BME developed in house and has successfully commercialized in Africa, Australia and the Asia-Pacific., BME is targeting North and South America in its geographical growth plans.

 “We will also be exposing new markets to our path-breaking emulsion explosives delivery system, introducing new efficiencies through piping emulsions directly to underground areas from surface,” said Keenan. “We have successfully installed the world’s longest vertical emulsion pipeline to underground silos – and will be able to reach 1000 m vertical depths with our robust emulsion and multiple pumping cycles.”

 He said BME was also leveraging the technological advancement of its AXXIS electronic delay detonators with a new centralised blasting system for underground operations. This allows mines to blast all underground workings simultaneously, allowing greater efficiency and safety.

 “Many centralised blasting systems can only fire non-electric initiation systems, which prevents the two-way communication provided by AXXIS electronic detonators,” he said. “By knowing the status of each and every AXXIS detonator on the system, problems can be flagged before the blast is fired – ensuring quality, high-value blasting.”

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