January 16, 2018

SA’s mining school heads form collaborative body


To allow more cooperation and information-sharing, the heads of South Africa’s four university mining schools have launched Mining Engineering Education South Africa (MEESA).

 Established last year as the Mining Heads of School Forum and recently re-branded, MEESA is currently chaired by Professor Ronny Webber-Youngman of Pretoria University’s Department of Mining Engineering and includes his counterparts Professor Cuthbert Musingwini of Wits University, Dr Hennie Grobler of the University of Johannesburg, and Mr Israel Dikgwatlhe of the University of South Africa.

 Emphasising the need for closer collaboration between mining schools, Professor Webber-Youngman highlighted research, funding and work experience as key issues for MEESA.

 “Since mining research capacity has decreased over the last few years, research collaboration is imperative in addressing the challenges the South African mining industry is currently facing,” he said. “The country just does not have enough researchers to be competitive in this regard. Our four schools look forward to collaborating more meaningfully in the near future in our research activities.”

 Since its inception, MEESA has already been able to interact more effectively with the Mining Qualifications Authority to collectively resolve challenges encountered by each of the schools.

 “I believe that a co-ordinated approach in dealing with challenges is one of the major benefits we all derive from this association,” he said.

 MEESA has also been able to collectively secure a number of vacation-work placements for their undergraduate students.

 “Key to this collaboration is that there is more information-sharing across all four schools,” said Professor Webber-Youngman. “Unlike in the past – when each school had relationships with other mining schools internationally – we will now be able to strengthen local collaboration and leverage this to ensure more sustainable collaborations globally.”





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