December 13, 2017

Maximising production through standby power generation

Cummins -the 11 kV standby power generation solution features a prime rating of 2 000 kVA.
the 11 kV standby power generation solution features a prime rating of 2 000 kVA.

Cummins Power Generation guarantees that power shortage or interruptions to its supply do not affect production in various energy-intensive industries.

The company has ensured uninterrupted power supply at Peninsula Beverages (PenBev) – a Cape Town-based independent bottling company that holds the rights to manufacture and distribute the products of The Coca-Cola Company within the Western and Northern Cape – after the successful supply, installation and commissioning of three C2250 D5 generator sets and a DMC 300 Master controller to provide standby power to the Parow facility.

Nick Roditis, Project Manager at Cummins Power Generation, indicates that the 11 kV standby power generation solution features a prime rating of 2 000 kVA. “The generators were bought to mitigate production losses during load shedding and power interruptions. They ensure automatic start-up during emergency outages, and can be synchronised with the council mains with the help of the DMC 300 Master Controller and the changeover panel, allowing for seamless transition from utility mains power to generator power during load shedding.”

The project began officially in June 2015. Roditis states that the gensets were delivered to site by end September 2015. The client was responsible for the civil construction on-site through various contractors, and was integral to the programme and its successful completion. Cummins was appointed on a turnkey basis to supply and install the gensets, sound-attenuating equipment and electrical installation. With the assistance of all the parties involved, the final installation and full testing and commissioning was completed in March 2016.

“This project was a success, thanks to proactive client involvement, exceptional client relationship, frequent communication, productive site visits, an exceptional electrical contractor, good planning and full-time project management,” Roditis comments.

The PenBev project ran simultaneously with Cummins power generation projects at three SABMiller breweries, and three Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) bottling plants nationwide, which posed a challenge in terms of balancing resources. The project team overcame these constraints by collaborating with their aftermarket colleagues, who assisted with the commissioning.

“The projects were adjudicated on technical competence, on-time delivery and price. Cummins met all the procurement criteria, with a specific emphasis placed on delivery. The SABMiller and PenBev projects were a technical success, and were delivered on-time and within budget. I am confident that this exceptional service delivery and newfound reputation of the CPG project team will lead to long-term future growth of Cummins Power Generation in South Africa,” Roditis concludes.

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