December 13, 2017

Another ground-breaking invention in electronic blasting

AEL Mining Services, one of Africa’s leading innovator in explosives and blasting services, has launched its most advanced electronic initiating system yet. The intelliShot® Electronic Initiating System is designed to work in partnership with DetNet™ technology, and is the newest addition to AEL’s Electronic Initiating Systems product suite.

“The current economic climate leaves no room for error in mining, and companies are unwilling to compromise on safety, expecting the most state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions,” says Dirk van Soelen, AEL’s Global Portfolio Manager.

“AEL’s extensive experience and expertise is what sets us apart as industry leaders in innovation and bring electronic blasting technology to Africa.”

AEL, a member of the JSE-listed AECI Group in South Africa, has developed the intelliShot® system with the notion of innovation and modernisation of mining practices in mind. By bringing technology and innovation into the mining landscape, AEL can enable their customers to achieve superior and cost effective blasting results.

Deployment methodology options

The intelliShot® is equipped with unique features that simplify blasting, and guarantees users the best results, every time. Designed to accommodate different blasting complexities, intelliShot® can either be adjusted to work accordingly with a “tag by plan” option for advanced and complex blasting, or a “time assignment” option for non-complex blasts.

The intelliShot® Detonator

The fully programmable intelliShot® 4G detonator builds on the safety principles of the DigiShot™/DigiShot™ Plus range. Its key feature is a new ability to write a delay time into the detonators memory during tagging from the handheld CE4 Tagger. The detonator also has a redesigned Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) with 15 times more memory capacity, the detonator is able to store and track critical information such as:

  • Delay times and unique ID to be stored on the detonator.
  • GPS co-ordinates, time and date of tagging and blasting information.
  • Dynamic calculation of installed network capacity and resistance when deployed.

Working in conjunction with the 4G detonator, is the handheld CE4 Tagger; a leading innovation from DetNet™. As the best of its kind in the industry, it has the capability to wirelessly control the intelliShot® Commander to tag and test up to 300 detonators per line.

“This is an unprecedented benchmark in blasting,” van Soelen said,  “The tagger is inherently safe, and allows users to troubleshoot the bench before leaving.”

The intelliShot® Commander

The system is completed with the intelliShot® Commander; a safe, robust and user-centric device. The multipurpose device can be used as a remote unit which is controlled from the bench, a repeater or a base station. Automatic detonator detection, and continuous testing means that less user interaction is required and provides seven times faster programming than existing systems.

The intelliShot Commander is wirelessly controlled from CE4 Tagger, and monitors the energy stored in the last detonator right up to the point of blasting. This allows the intelliShot® system to easily blast through dense levels of leakage.

“Through our innovative solutions, we aim to play a role in modernising the mining industry on a global scale. Our products offer our clients technology that will save them time and money, while offering a modern solution that is on par with global best practice.“, Dirk concluded.

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