November 23, 2017

No spillage conveyor system


Tega managing director, Fernando Monteiro
Tega managing director, Fernando Monteiro

Mine processing solutions provider, Tega Industries, has released an efficient new skirt sealing system to prevent conveyors spillage transfer points or in areas where spills may occur due to the angle of the conveyor or any other environmental factors.

The unique modular block arrangement of Tega’s Spill-Ex system allows for individual blocks to be adjusted to fit the contour of the belt and create a snug fit against the belt. Due to the special soft compound material used in the design of Spill-Ex, the system will conform to the shape of the belt without causing any damage. This allows the system to create a completely spill-free seal.

Spill-Ex also provides continuous adjustment by means of serrated clamps and screw fastening system which allows individual blocks to be moved up and down over the backing plate in accordance with the contour of the belt. As wear occurs the blocks can simply be lowered by adjusting the bolts so that the gap that was created due to wear and tear between the assembly of blocks and the conveyor can be sealed.

Tega's conveyor spillage control
Tega’s conveyor spillage control

According to Tega managing director, Fernando Monteiro, when material falls onto a belt it remains agitated and needs to be guided along a certain distance until it is stabilised. Traditional skirts only provide a partial seal and this can lead to tons of wastage of valuable commodities at transfer points that can contaminate or the foul work areas.

“The most exciting news is that Spill-Ex can be easily retrofitted to most conveyors. It is simple to install and maintain and can deliver a rapid return-on-investment in situations where spillages can occur regularly. There is no limit to its application and can be used on all bulk materials handling projects almost regardless of materials being transported.”

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  1. Gloria Durst

    I would imagine that being able to adjust individual blocks of a conveyor guard like you mentioned would be really helpful. I would imagine that the key to conveyor safety would be to have a snug fit with the guard. In addition to this, you would probably want to find something that is specialized to your conveyor belt to decrease dust and particulate escape.


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