December 17, 2017

Visible notices help prevent injuries in quarries

Nico Pienaar of the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (Aspasa)
Nico Pienaar of the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (Aspasa)

The Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (Aspasa) has introduced an innovative series of best practice guidelines that have been specially designed to be posted on company notice board to promote safety.

The guidelines provide a quick and concise overview of the best practices involved in various potentially dangerous activities within the quarry and is aimed and promoting awareness of all staff who may potentially be affected. Rather than providing legal rambling or complicated technical explanations, the notice board guidelines provide an overview of requirements in simple point-form.

According to Aspasa director, Nico Pienaar, the prevention of injuries on site is a cornerstone of the work that the association is involved in to protect the long term sustainability of the quarrying industry. Apart from its strict Safety, Health, Road, Environment and Quality (Shreq) policies, which are mandatory for members and audited annually, the notice board guidelines are meant to reinforce efforts of all involved in the industry to bring about a culture of “Zero Harm”.

“There is only so much that legislation or association policies can do. Beyond that, it is the responsibility of the quarry owners and managers to communicate and ensure that everyone on site adheres to these requirements. Interventions like the notice board best practices are designed to reinforce a message of safety and to keep it fresh in the memory of those involved in specific activities on site.

“In addition, it also gives those who may not be directly involved in a certain process enough knowledge to identify risks and to alert colleagues of potentially dangerous situations arising within the workplace. In order to achieve maximum effect, they are also written simply, in plain English to make it easy for everyone to understand,” says Nico.

The notice board best practices cover a diverse range of topics covering the most common potentially dangerous activities within a quarry including the safe handling of LDVs (vehicles), dump chutes (transfer points), electricity, haulage, heights and preventing falling, mobile equipment, as well as cellular devices on site.

The notice board best practices are available from Asapasa on (011) 791 3327, Email: or visit the website:

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