November 23, 2017

Lawyers to approach Angola’s constitutional court to block President’s daughter from becoming oil giant CEO

Following the dismissal of their case, twelve lawyers who challenged the appointment of Isabela dos Santos, President Dos Santos’ daughter, as head of Sanangol, the national oil company, have vowed that they will approach Angola’s Constitutional Court for a “fair” hearing.

Contrary to expectations of analysts, on 22 December December 2016, a court in Luanda, Angola’s capital cleared Isabel dos Santos’ to take the post.

Three months ago, brazenly, the lawyers filed a legal challenge against the Isabela dos Santos’ appointment, on the grounds that the law did not allow public officers to nominate family members.

The next president?

Civil rights groups fear that, by heading Sanangol, dos Santos will have unrestricted to Angola’s oil revenue and potentially wield enormous political clout.

President Eduardo dos Santos will be stepping down after 37 years in power, during which there have been allegations of misappropriation of oil revenue. With no apparent successor announced thus far, there has been speculation that Isabela dos Santos is being groomed for the impending vacancy.

Billionaire in a poverty stricken population

According to Forbes, Isabela dos Santos is ranked as Africa’s richest woman, with her fortune estimated at $3 billion.

While the government has been earning billions from oil exports, majority of its citizens lack access to basic services like access to clean water, basic health services, quality education, in addition infrastructure is in a state of disrepair.

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