January 16, 2018

Becker Mining South Africa has completed delivery of the first consignment of winding rope attachments

Becker Mining South Africa has completed delivery of the first consignment of winding rope attachments to a client in the western limb of the Bushveld Complex, in the northern part of South Africa – the world’s largest layered intrusion.

“The scope of this contract encompasses the design, manufacture and delivery of rope attachments to suit three different winders on the mine, as well a complete spare set,” says Tom Searle, senior general manager: mechanical, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. “Becker has also supplied rope handling equipment, including WRC clamps, used during installation and maintenance of ropes. Sixty per cent of this order was delivered ahead of schedule and the balance of the equipment will delivered early this year, within the required time frames.

Four sets of head rope attachments and four sets of tail rope attachments are required for the 4,5 m drum diameter Koepe winder, which accommodates 38 mm head ropes and 40 mm tail ropes. Complete 30 Ton Rocket type safety detaching hook sets were supplied for the man/material winder which has a 4,88 m drum and 51 mm ropes.

The contract also includes a set of 5 Ton Rocket type safety detaching hook sets to suit the service winder, which has a 26 mm rope fitted.

All hook sets were supplied complete with catch plates and jack catch boxes, which are mounted in the headgear as a critical safety feature to prevent injury to personnel and damage to the shaft infrastructure should an overwind occur.

Rocket safety detaching hooks are designed to detach the winding rope from the conveyance in the event of an overwind and arrest and suspend the conveyance in the headframe. This patented design caters for the prevention of partial detachments whilst in service.

Becker Mining’s robust and reliable equipment will provide many years of safe transportation of personnel and materials to and from underground operations.

For further information:

Thomas Searle, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Address: PO Box 124185, Alrode, 1451

Telephone: (011) 617 6300  / 0731920217


Web: www.za-becker-mining.com

Released by Lindy Morton, Festivitas 083 268 6666, festivitas@dbnmail.co.za

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