January 24, 2018

Rwanda’s Natural resources authority to be split into three bodies

By: Eugene Kwibuka

The Rwandan government has introduced a Bill that seeks to dissolve the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) and form three independent and specialised bodies focused on oil, gas, and minerals as well as land, water, and forestry.

The minister for natural resources, Dr Vincent Biruta, introduced the draft law in the lower house last week, and its basis was unanimously approved by MPs, which means that laws governing the new bodies will be assessed at the house’s committee level before being passed.

RNRA was formed in 2010 as a merger of the National Land Centre, the National Forestry Authority (NAFA), and the Rwanda Geology and Mines Authority (OGMR). While the merger was initially intended to streamline the bodies’ services, Biruta told MPs that RNRA was no longer fit to deliver on the new goals set by the government to maximise efforts in the exploration and exploitation of minerals, oil, and gas, as well as efficient management of land, water, and forests. “The merged centres under RNRA performed well in the last six years but we now have to make changes given the current orientations we have in line with meeting our economic targets,” he said.

The new agencies to be created will include Rwanda Land Management Authority, Rwanda Water and Forestry Management Authority, as well as the country’s oil and gas authority.

An explanatory note submitted by the government to parliament to accompany the draft law dissolving the RNRA says the new bodies to be formed will have financial and administrative autonomy and will be in a better position to focus on their specific objectives.

MPs welcome the Bill

MPs welcomed the move, with the majority indicating that the envisaged entities will bring more focus on specific areas that need to be exploited to improve the lives of Rwandans.

“These are bodies that will have a great role in our country’s economy and wellbeing of Rwandans,” said Speaker Donatille Mukabalisa

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