December 15, 2017

New multi-gas detector yet sets new safety benchmark

The new MSA ALTAIR® 4XR multi-gas detector provides real-time event notification using Bluetooth connectivity. This sets a new technological benchmark for advanced features, boosting health and safety for workers operating in hazardous or dangerous environments.

This tough and reliable four-gas monitor with proven MSA XCell Sensors is among the fastest in the world, sensing gas two times faster than the industry average. “MSA XCell Sensors are unequalled in today’s market, enabling faster response, shorter span calibrations and longer life, saving you time and money,” Suraksha Mohun, Product Marketing Manager, MSA Africa.

“When paired with the MSA ALTAIR® Connect app, available from the Google Play Store, it can text alarm notifications immediately to supervisors, team members or other users. “Maintenance, operational support, and compliance are quickly and reliably enhanced, while real-time alarm and event notifications let you deliver an entirely new level of safety,” Mohun comments.

The ALTAIR® 4XR multi-gas detector is MSA Africa’s most rugged gas detector yet. It can survive 25 drops from 1.2 m, an incidental 7.5 m drop onto concrete, has a military-grade rating (MIL-STD-810G), and an IP68 dust- wand waterproof rating (2 m for at least an hour). It has an operating temperature range of –40°C to +60°C.

It is provided with a four-year instrument and sensor warranty. Additional features include quick compliance confirmation with the Bump LED and on-screen checkmark, and the ability to bump and calibrate with half the gas and in half the time versus the industry average.

In addition, bump-and-calibrate can be carried out at a specified time of day with the MSA GALAXY® GXT automated test system. A MotionAlert option informs others whenever a user has become immobile, while the user-activated InstantAlert notifies of a potentially dangerous situation.

ASIC sensor technology provides greater control, higher performance, plug-and-play capability, greater RF immunity, and end-of-sensor-life warning to minimise downtime and inventory replacement.

Markets for the ALTAIR® 4XR multi-gas detector include fire service, contractors, industrial, mining, oil and gas, utilities, toxic atmosphere IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health), and toxic atmosphere non-IDLH. Applications range from confined spaces to combustible, oxygen, and toxic detection.

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