November 23, 2017

Accurate and fast bulk material simulation now possible

Rocky DEM bulk material stimulation software.

Since it was unveiled to the market, Qfinsoft’s Rocky DEM bulk material simulation software has been attracting interest from mining companies and organisations in other industries in Africa and other regions worldwide.   

ROCKY is a powerful 3D discrete element modeling programme that quickly and accurately process within a conveyor chute, mill, or other bulk materials handling system.  

According to Qfinsoft’s new business development manager, Izak Vorster, Rocky- bulk material simulation software comprises advanced breakage technology, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computations and discrete element modeling.

Voster says, in response to changing industry demands, companies are constantly improving the way they manufacture and operate products. “These technical capabilities have led to the development of several commercial products and engineering software packages available in both local and international markets.” 

Vorster believes the material handling industry’s future lies in investing in simulation technology.  “The power of simulating different scenarios will always enable engineers to make better decisions when designing bulk material handling equipment.”

Given the unpredictability of operations in the industry within the African continent and the rest of the world, to sustain the advances that have been made, Vorster suggests that national governments should support and promote graduate training opportunities for engineers. “The support is required due to competing educational needs, and unpredictable economic situations.”

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