January 17, 2018

New high-tech energy-efficient solution enters water-heating industry

Hot water costs can account for 40-60% of users’ total electricity bill. The newest player in the highly competitive water-heating sector offers solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential markets, HydraTherm, and its growing range of high quality, high-tech, energy-efficient water heating solutions.

HydraTherm is a high-quality, affordable and long-lasting hot-water solution for private homes, the hospitality industry, the agricultural and healthcare sectors.

Co-Founder ,Michael Alton, says the company’s expertise lies in the design and specification of centralised hot-water plants for any project. The company offers solutions for clients from large commercial enterprises right through to domestic home owners.

HydraTherm: energy & cost efficient solution

“We’ve used that expertise to develop our own brand of water-heating technology under the HydraTherm brand, and we can confidently promise the solutions the market is looking for”

The HydraTherm range currently includes integrated heat pumps and split hot water heat pumps. Gas water heaters and solar collectors are currently in the final stage of development and are due for launch this year.

Integrated heat pump

The HydraTherm integrated heat pump is an energy-saving, cost-efficient solution for private homes, while the split heat pump offers a solution for industry at a highly competitive level of investment where payback periods are minimised and returns are maximised. A pump instead of a conventional geyser can save end users as much as 70% of their hot water costs.

Alton says they are continuously seeking new ways to deliver efficient solutions to water heating challenges.

“As Eskom continues to cap the total power offered to new developments and the rise of electricity prices, it is making more and more economic sense to embrace solar and natural / LPG gas for water heating.”

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