January 17, 2018

Bosch introduces ‘smart’ levelling with two new laser levels

Bosch The GCL 2-50 C allows hands-free remote control via smartphone.

Bosch has introduced the concept of ‘smart’ levelling with its launch of the GCL 2-50 C (red laser technology) and GCL 2-50 CG Professional (green laser technology), which allows hands-free remote control via smartphone, in addition to a motorised mount for precise positioning of the laser lines.

An innovative Bluetooth® connection means that these combi lasers can be controlled not only hands-free via a smartphone, but also remotely over longer distances. In addition, both combi lasers can be combined with the RM 3 Professional multifunctional mount. This motorised mount enables the laser lines to be precisely positioned, explains Sebastian Johannes, Bosch Measuring Tools Brand Manager.

“The GCL 2-50 CG Professional allows for supreme visibility, as well as an array of ‘smart’ functions to enhance its connectivity,” Johannes comments. Features include horizontal and vertical laser lines, and two centred plumb points with optimal visibility.

Precise positioning of the laser lines around the plumb points is possible via motorised positioning with the optional RM 3 Professional, using an app or remote control, or manual positioning with the RC2 Professional infrared remote control. This has the option of three available speeds, namely normal, fast, and step-by-step.

“You simply press and hold to rotate the tool, and then release button to stop the rotation,” Johannes explains. He stresses it is important to point the device at the RM 3 when doing this, due to the infrared function.

While traditional green laser products used colour-conversion technology to generate the green laser beam from a red laser diode, Bosch’s latest GCL line-up boasts a genuine green laser diode, which not only increases effectiveness and robustness, but offers the best visibility possible.

“The green laser light has 100% visibility by human eye, while red laser light only has about 24%,” Johannes points out. This makes the GCL 2-50 CG Professional the best laser level for use in adverse light conditions, compared to products based on red laser beam technology. The longer battery runtime also equates to reduced power consumption, as well as less heat emission, which extends the operational lifespan of the laser level.

The high visibility of the green horizontal and vertical laser lines ensures a working range of 20 m, without a receiver, while a working range of 50 m is possible with the optional LR 6 or LR 7 Professional receiver. A pendulum lock ensures safe transport, while there is an added benefit of a dual power source in the form of either 12 V-LI-ion battery or standard alkaline batteries.

The GCL 2-50 C has a working range of 20 m, increased to 50 m with and optional receiver, and an accuracy of ± 0.3 mm/m. It features red laser beam technology, projecting horizontal and vertical laser lines, and two centred plumb points for optimal visibility. This laser level is exceptionally versatile to use, due to the addition of a rotating multifunctional mount for a variety of mounting possibilities.

“The user benefits associated with the connectivity in particular effectively means contactless control of all laser functions,” Johannes highlights. This means an end to shaky laser lines, precision at all times, and full control even in hard-to-reach areas. An added advantage is three power settings, namely full visibility, balanced mode, or battery-saving mode, depending on the application at hand.

In addition, the motorised RM 3 means that the laser lines can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy wherever needed, even over longer distances. The RM 3, in turn, is powered by the battery pack of the GCL 2-50 C when attached, meaning that an independent power source is not required. Each foot of the RM 3 has a fine-adjustment rotational button for stability on uneven surfaces. Manual adjustment is also possible if required.

Dry-wall installation is made that much quicker due to a vertical alignment with a long overshoot of almost 360°. Interior finishing tasks such as transfer applications are enhanced due to easy positioning on given reference marks. A slope function with LED indication is ideal for installation of pipes, handrails, and staircase construction.

“The latest technological innovations from Bosch means it now offers a complete laser-levelling solution for construction professionals that is guaranteed to improve productivity and accuracy for most indoor levelling applications,” Johannes concludes.

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