January 17, 2018

Boyco’s ‘fire detection in a box invention’ to take industry by

Single device

Ease of use has been taken to another level with the recent introduction, by Booyco Electronics, of the ESI Multi Controller with I/O.

Jaco du Plessis, continuous improvement manager at Booyco Electronics, says the company has expanded its ESI range of environmental sensing instruments with the addition of a single device multi controller which combines the controller, repeater and input/output functions.

“Essentially, this is a fire detection system in a box and it is anticipated that the new product will rapidly gain traction across a wide sector of industry that needs to meet environmental safety requirements,” du Plessis says.

He continues by explaining that using this improved device will eliminate issues previously experienced whereby fire detection systems were made up of a number of individual devices that then had to be interconnected and configured.

“Having a single device or fire protection system in a box such as the ESI Multi Controller with I/O allows for exceptionally simple installation and commissioning with the added advantage of ease of use,” he says.

The ESI Multi Controller I/O was designed to be a drop-in replacement for most of the previous generation range of Remcon Fire Detection equipment. The equipment that has been replaced includes industrial modem controller (DPT IMC), repeater (DPT IMR), quad I/O device (DPT 8IMI/O) as well as the media converter (DPT IM).

Significantly, all the functionality of these four units is now embedded in a single platform, and this makes the design, expansion and implementation of a comprehensive fire detection system extremely easy and user-friendly, as well as very affordable.

Three communication ports are available on the unit, namely one RS485 port and two FSK ports.

Commenting on the user-friendly design of the ESI Multi Controller with I/O, du Plessis says that live diagnostics can be done on the unit while in I/O and Repeater mode via the RS485 port. This is significant as it means there is no need to disconnect the unit from the network and it can continue to operate, making fault finding easy while eliminating communication interruptions.

A built-in alarm function allows a local alarm to be connected to an on board digital output channel, ensuring functionality even if there is a network failure. This can be adjusted to match the low alarm limit defined by the end user and is configurable via an AT Command setup structure.

Operational functionality has been enhanced through an LED based status indication which facilitates effective visual identification of the real-time status of sensors connected to the device. This allows personnel to see in what signal (mA) band the input is at any stage.

The ESI Multi Controller offers six AI, six DI and six DO channels, facilitating a wider scope of monitoring and control as more sensor and monitors can now be connected to a single device. In addition, the on-board selector switch allows for switch over to be done without the need to reboot the unit.

Booyco Electronics is a single source supplier of  specialised electronic safety equipment, including proximity detection systems. Its range of reliable accurate warning, locating and monitoring systems is engineered for the harsh African operating conditions.

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