January 16, 2018

Skills shortage to hit Zambian mines very hard soon – report

Zambia’s Chamber of Mines fears that increasing shortage of skilled and experienced people might hinder implementation of new mining projects, the organisation says in a latest report, compiled by veteran researcher, John Gentle.

In the report titled Searching for talent-skills and employment in the global mining industry, the Chamber of Mines mentions engineers, geologists, metallurgists, technicians, mechanics and artisans as already in very short supply, even globally.

According to report, with increasing demand globally (or rather critically low supply), it is difficult for mining companies in Zambia to attract, let alone retail skilled and experienced people.

The report says, mainly, the skills shortage is down to three factors: increasing demanding for commodities in China in the past twenty years or so; skilled people find employment in other industries which are located in urban areas more attractive than in mines which are mostly in remote areas, and almost half of highly skilled people are nearing retirement (and 49, 0000 will be needed to replace them).

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