November 24, 2017

Turning effluent into portable water drop by drop

Toxic mine waste water / Photo Newsweek

PROXA, a South African based provider of  water and wastewater treatment solutions, has developed multiple innovative cost effective solutions for treating polluted waters in energy, mining and other industries.

PROXA‘s water treatment plants utilise  precipitation and separation technology to produce potable quality water and a by-product for reuse as agricultural soil conditioner from mine impacted water effluent.

However, as with any water treatment plant, says PROXA Business Development Director, Elspeth Grahn, the feed composition and volumes of water to be treated are generally variable and difficult to define as they are dependent on seasonal changes and mining plans. Cognizant of this fact,  the company ensures that its plants are robust and flexible to handle different capacities, she explains.

Grahn believes the niche for water treatment plants will grow only bigger. Already,  she has noticed that worsening drought conditions have raised awareness about the urgent need to invest in efficient water treatment technology and cooperation between various organisations. “In recent years there has been a more proactive approach by authorities and industry to work together to reduce their water footprint, such as  means to recover, recycle and reuse liquid waste streams,” she says.

However,Grahn fears that South Africa might not make the most of its water treatment engineering skill due to regulatory barriers which hinder project implementation.


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