October 20, 2017

Chain manufacturer-fittings supplier extend cooperation

In continuation of the fruitful partnership with Crosby, Scaw Metals Group’s Distribution Network is proud to announce the extension of its cooperation with Crosby by adding Crosby Platinum Line Gr100 chain fittings to their product offering. “The combination of top class chain, with Crosby Platinum Line chain fittings will strengthen the position of Distribution Network as the leading supplier of lifting equipment in South Africa” said George Katergarakis, Executive Head: Distribution Network, Wire Rod Products. “It’s exactly the kind of forward-thinking we at Distribution Network demand of our product offerings, and that we know our customers have come to expect from all of our endeavors.”

Hannes Janeke, Area Manager at Crosby, adds “The strategic partnering of Crosby with Scaw Distribution for our Grade 100 chain fittings is a great opportunity to get our end users top quality chain slings.”

Scaw Metals Group is a South African-led company producing highly specialized and critical consumable components for the mining, rail, power, offshore oil and gas, construction, commercial and other industrial sectors. The Distribution Network markets and distributes lifting and rigging products directly to end users as solutions rather than commodities. Other significant lifting and rigging equipment brands represented by Scaw Distribution Network include Haggie®, McKinnon®, Verope, Tiger and Yale.

Crosby is a leading manufacturer of premium accessories used in lifting, rigging and securement applications. Based in the US, with fabrication facilities in both the US & Europe, the company has the reputation around the world for providing a broad range of products suitable for the most demanding of operating conditions with uncompromising quality. Products include chain fittings, wire rope clips, hooks, shackles, lifting clamps, hoist rings, overhaul balls, snatch blocks, crane blocks and sheaves. Crosby also provides a “world class” training program, focusing on the proper application of Crosby Products.

The Crosby Platinum Line of chain fittings, is a complete range of Grade 100 chain fittings with various features setting the standard for premium chain fittings, in compliance with EN standards. Crosby Grade 100 products achieve properties such as working load limit, ductility, fatigue and toughness due to careful design. Simply changing the heat treat process to increase the Working Load Limit has the potential of sacrificing the other three properties. For Crosby, that was not an option.

For more information about Scaw Metals Group (Distribution Network) & The Crosby Group, please visit www.scaw.co.za  or www.southafrica.thecrosbygroup.com

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