January 17, 2018

Substantial gains in smart mine planning

Mine 2-4D  Visualizer (Courtesy of MineRP)_

Traditional mine planning is certainly one of the most time-consuming and laborious exercises due to the set of sequential phases that are required, which entail attention to the requirements, design, implementation, and testing. Typically, in annual planning cycle, mines create and assess only one complete plan.

Through its solutions, MineRP enables a unified technical and financial planning in mines, through granular alignment of technical systems and enterprise integration of information. MineRP has invested heavily in new software design and innovation specifically to transform mine planning process from traditional CAD-based design to modern, parametric planning and scheduling.

MineRP has a proud history of developing reliable, yet cutting edge solutions to optimise the process of mine planning and scheduling. Over the years, MineRP  has grown into a leading supplier of software, with specified functionality developed for most mining methods, including underground and open cut mines around the globe.

MineR has transformed mining planning from traditional silo-based to modern, parametric unified business planning, offering planners an opportunity to determine in the shortest time possible to complete plan activities.

MineRP Planner

One of MineRP‘s flagship products is MineRP Planner.  Released early this year, MineRP Planner is a framework-based mine planning solution promising several paradigm-shifting capabilities such as rapid mine planning, team collaboration and version management among other features.

According to John Megannon, Executive vice president for strategy at MineRP, the Mining Technical Systems (MTS) industry has traditionally focused on developing standalone, discrete applications that each serve a specific business need and are complex and expensive to integrate.

“However, MineRP integrates with and amalgamates data from current MTS systems in use on mines – unifying all mining technical data within the MineRP Spatial Database. This has created an unrivalled spatial big data platform for the integration of technical and business information,”he explains.

Technical planning and budgeting

Further, through MineRP Planner,  a plan is only captured if it has been tested both technically and financially, says Megannon. Nonetheless, he notes that that the challenge many mining companies face is to think of Mine Planning and Scheduling as separate from financial planning and budgeting. Erroneously, he laments, this approach causes an undue focus on the functions and features of the design and scheduling tools, to the detriment of the subsequent procedures.

In the pipeline

In the meantime, MineRP is  working with partners such as SAP, IBM, General Electric and equipment manufacturers like Sandvik to create a concept of a single, integrated planning environment which utilises a central CAT (Capabilities, Activities and Time) database. Hopefully,  mining organisations harness all the opportunities and benefits associated with technology revolution.

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