January 17, 2018

Mugabe asks court to enforce seizure of Zimplats mining land

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe/Photo CNN

In a move typical of the current mining-asset grabbing trend in Africa, the government of Zimbabwe has filed a court application to platinum miner, Zimplats’ lucrative mining land, according to newswire, Reuters.

In a January 2017 court application, the government of Zimbabwe had argued that the 27 948 ha land was not being put to productive use and was to be distributed to other companies.

In a statement which coincided with its fourth quarter results, Zimplats said, in response to its official objection, the government proceeded with the court application pressing for the confirmation of the previous acquisition order.

For the time being, Zimplats is involved in discussions with the government to find an amicable solution to the matter.

Analysts foresee  Mugabe’s cronies and hangers on benefiting from Zimplats land seizure, if it is to be implemented, as it happened after  the arbitrary seizures of commercial farms which took place early 2000s,

The violent land seizure by the country’s ruthless war veterans, which Mugabe sanctioned, was a death knell for Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector, which was once dubbed ‘the bread basket of Southern Africa’.

Mining is the only sector which has some life left in it. It is the government’s main source of tax revenue.


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