November 19, 2017

Becker Mining SA Kito ER2 10 T electric hoists for a local mine 2017

Becker Mining South Africa has secured an order from Klevan Mining – Becker’s distributor in the Limpopo region – for two 10 T Kito electric chain hoists, with motorised trolleys.

These robust Kito ER2 hoists are to be installed at various pump stations underground and will be used for the installation and maintenance of dewatering pumps and motors. Motorised trolleys ensure smooth, precise traversing and positioning.

“Kito equipment, which meets stringent quality and safety specifications, is known for efficient performance, low maintenance and extended service life. The strength and reliability of these hoists is in the sophisticated design and a meticulous manufacturing process,” says Rick Jacobs, senior general manager (SGM) for consumables, Becker Mining South Africa. “The series has been designed with an inverter as standard in a dual speed hoist and trolley for improved efficiency, enhanced safety and easy operation.

“A double safety mechanism, consisting of a friction clutch and an upper-lower limit switch, ensures optimum safety and prevents hoist or load chain damage. The electromagnetic brake ensures strong braking power, while holding the load securely and push button controls offer enhanced operator comfort and reduced fatigue. The Kito load bell, which is an optional extra feature, automatically alerts the operator if the hoist is overloaded.”

High strength, nickel plated load chain increases resistance to wear and corrosion. The forged carbon steel hook has been designed to open gradually and will not fracture under excessive load. Top and bottom hooks are equipped with a hook latch and the bottom hook swivels 360 degrees to prevent kinking and twisting of the load chain.

An important feature of this lightweight series is the compact aluminium die-cast body that is structurally strong. The IP 55 rated enclosure offers protection against dust and water, which is critical in many applications. For reliable and safe operation a standard thermal protector prevents the motor from burning out due to excessive usage. An emergency stop button is standard to allow the motor power to be disconnected in an emergency, without cutting of the main power supply.

A fan cooled motor, with motor frame fins and a fan cover, ensures quiet operation and enhanced fan cooling capabilities.

Kito trolleys are available as motorised, plain and geared, to provide smooth, precise and easy traversing and positioning. Drop stops provide additional security of the motorised trolley for the operator and equipment and rubber bumpers protect the motorised trolley from collisions.

The complete range of Kito lifting and pulling equipment, which conforms with stringent international quality and safety specifications, includes manual and electric chain hoists and lever blocks. These machines are available nationally from Becker Mining South Africa, which offers a technical advisory, repair, test and back up service.


For further information:
George McMaster
Becker Mining South Africa
PO Box 124185, Alrode, 1451
Tel: (011) 617 6320 

Released by: Lindy Morton, Festivitas 083 268 6666

June 2017

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