October 23, 2017

New drive mechanism to enhance screening performance

POD Driven 20X8 Double Deck Inclined Screen. Photo: Courtesy of MVT

Munton Vibratory Technology (MVT), with its unique capacity to assist clients with custom projects, is continuously improving its full range of vibratory screening and feeding equipment. a Recent innovation is in its specialised grizzly feeders and large horizontal screens.

POD Design

MVT has introduced a refined and highly effective, flange-mounted exciters (referred to as PODS) as the drive mechanism for screening equipment.

The POD design does away with the traditional drive arrangements such as geared exciters and vibratory motor drives on the larger screens and feeders. This results in  a lighter and a highly cost effective machines. Furthermore, this low head design is useful for underground and other height limiting applications.

Another advantage is that the pods are directly bolted into the side plates where the vibration energy is required and not via a pipe or beam. So, damage by a failed bearing is isolated to one POD, making the repair significantly cheaper than the replacement or reconditioning of traditional geared exciters and vibratory motors.

In broad terms, the warranty supplies clients with a fully optimised screening operation in order to extend the life service of screens, while also preventing unscheduled maintenance.

All this was achieved through an in-depth analysis of key potential applications and the value they could create in a number of ways, including the consumer surplus that arises from better products, lower prices, and a cleaner environment.

Industry experts concur that embracing technological changes and adapting sound business practices in the current mining environment is requisite. However,  MVT’s managing director, Tim Munton, fears that the industry might be overtaken by events due to  resistance to change.

Munton says the  maintenance staff need to be equipped with the skills or ability  to maintain and service equipment in the field.

“Mining companies to implement technology with the least disruption and involve the workforce in the decision making process.”


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