December 15, 2017

Motor Control Centers For FOSKOR Phalaborwa

Ekurhuleni-based JB Switchgear Solutions was recently awarded two contracts for the design, manufacture and supply of motor control centres destined for the 300 ft. area and drier 4 and 5 at Foskor’s Phalaborwa operations. All the slurry from the plant comes into thickeners in the 300 ft. area where the water is separated from the slurry. Said water is then sent back into the plant for process requirements, whilst the left over slurry is pumped into the tailings dam via a pump station downstream.

There are a total of 6 driers on the plant. In this instance the MCC’s for driers 4 and 5 are being replaced. The phosphate which is produced goes through the driers to remove excess moisture to achieve the correct level to meet customer requirements. When the phosphate comes from the filter plant the moisture level is typically around 8-9%. Once it has passed through the driers the moisture content is reduced to around 1,5 – 2%. A positive spin-off is weight reduction when the product is transported to its destination.

For the 300 ft. area, the MCC was equipped with two 3200 Amp incomers and buscoupler, feeding a variety of DOL starters, feeders and large soft starters up to 315kW. JBSS offered a full Siemens solution with Simocode Pro V intelligent overloads. Component selection complied with the 525V, 50kA, Type 2 co-ordination requirements of the plant. JBSS provided their ‘Eagle’ series panel in back-to-back configuration. The incomers were top-entry, whilst all starters and feeders were bottom entry.

The MCC’s for driers 4 and 5 were equipped with 1250 Amp incomers feeding a variety of DOL starters, feeders, VSD’s and soft starters ranging between 0,75kW and 160kW.

Front-and-rear access ‘Eagle’ series panels were used for the driers, featuring Form 3b segregation and equipment selected for 525V, 50kA application. JB Switchgear’s ‘Eagle’ series of motor control centres carry type test certification for compliance with SANS-IEC 61439 and SANS-IEC/TR 61641, with more than 31 000 tiers installed throughout Southern Africa and abroad.

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