December 14, 2017

Diamond sales fund Zimbabwe’s notorious state security apparatus – Global Witness

An Inside Job, a report recently published by Global Witness has uncovered the source of funding for Zimbabwe’s notorious government security apparatus, which, for a long time, has been a subject of intense public interest.

For over a decade, says Global Witness, diamonds which were supposed to be channeled to the empty state coffers to fund developmental obligations, have been used to finance clandestine activities of Zimbabwe’s partisan security forces.

The companies that the report has fingered include Kusena, Anjin, Jinan, Diamond Mining Corporation (DMC), and Mbada. The companies, says the report, have been concealing their finances and their beneficiaries from public public glare.

For a long time observers have spun the theory that, mainly,  diamond mining revenue has been siphoned by Zimbabwe’s ruling elite and hoarded in the safe custody of bank accounts in off-shore tax-free destinations.

An Inside job also disputes Robert Mugabe’s persistent claims that international sabotage by imperialists has been solely to blame for the downward spiral of his country’s economy.

Evidently, the Inside Out provides a different picture of the management or mismanagement of the country’s invaluable mineral resources.

Further, all the more perturbing about the timing of the report’s release is that it coincides with the nadir of Zimbabwe’s economy. Close to 75 percent of the country’s citizens live below the poverty datum, and close to a third of a population (and that may only be a conservative estimate, in need of emergency food aid).

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