October 19, 2017

GPS Solution releases state-of-the art vehicle video surveillance system

GPS Tracking Solutions, a division of Eqstra Fleet Management and Logistics, has introduced Vision Manager, a state of the art video vehicle surveillance system which provides an  intelligent and comprehensive platform for live video streaming, GPS tracking, alarm and driver behaviour monitoring.

“Currently in-vehicle video surveillance solutions are delivered as either a single event or as a continuous recording,” says Graeme Steyn, director at GPS.   “Vision Manager combines both event and continuous recordings in one powerful product, and allows fleet managers to not only monitor fleet location, but to view live stream video and video alarms which are automatically sent to their server.”

VISION MANAGER consists of a powerful Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) with up to 4 AHD (analogue high-definition) cameras and 1 IP (Internet protocol) camera. The solution supports a wide variety of accelerometer generated events and I/O’s that can trigger a video alarm. In addition to video alarm events, video will be continuously recorded on the MDVR and can be remotely viewed or downloaded with 3G/4G or WIFI if more information is needed.

Vision Manager supports vehicle Meta data and analyses driver behaviour using video, GPS information, speed, engine speed, etc. It creates and manages evidence videos and snapshots in an EVIDENCE CENTRE.  This analysis can provide evidence for operators to evaluate employee’s performance and improve the company’s fleet management.

In addition Vision Manager supports automatic upload of any alarm generated with customizable pre- and post-alarm download time. This can be done with 3G/4G or WIFI and is saved on the Vision Manager hosted servers. This allow playback and review of alarm videos at any time directly from the server.

To maximise efficiency and operations, Vision Manager supports a wide range of cameras that include AHD, HD and PTZ cameras.   Depending on customer requirements, these are suitable for driver behaviour surveillance, general vehicle surveillance and surveillance of the environment.

Vision Manager Software provides an open and flexible platform which offers the following features:

  • Live view via 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi
  • GPS, alarm, log, etc.
  • PTZ control
  • MDVR remote configuration
  • Remote record
  • Auto alarm upload
  • Video download and analysis
  • Vehicle remote management
  • GPS route playback
  • Export report
  • Multi-level user management
  • Driver behavior analysis
  • Alarm management
  • Evidence management
  • IOS and Android APP

For further information on Vision Manager, please contact Dwayne Porter, Operations Manager, GPS Tracking Solutions,

telephone (011) 458 7555, email dporter@eqstrafleet.co.za

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