December 17, 2017

Atlas Copco NGP+ Nitrogen Generator – 99,999% pure nitrogen onsite!

Atlas Copco NGP300+ Nitrogen Generator can be plugged into existing compressed air installation for independent, reliable, cost-effective nitrogen supply

“Onsite industrial gas (nitrogen and oxygen) generation offers a much more sustainable and cost-efficient solution compared to cylinder or bulk liquid supply which require transport, handling, storage and administration,” notes Charl Ackerman, Business Line Manager of Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s Industrial Air division.

Nitrogen, often rated fourth after gas, electricity and water, is an essential requirement in many applications and many industries in for example chemical manufacturing, food and beverage processing and packaging, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and laser cutting, are dependent on nitrogen as an integral part of their production processes.

Atlas Copco draws on over a century of experience and continuous technical innovation to offer tailor-made superior quality on-site nitrogen generators designed to optimise production processes at the lowest possible operating costs.

“The NGP+ nitrogen generator with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology can simply be plugged into an existing compressed air installation to offer an independent, reliable, secure, flexible and cost-effective supply of nitrogen with purities of up to 99,999%,” affirms Ackerman.

Core to the NGP+ is the Carbon Molecular Sieve, a substance with discrete pore structures which separates molecules based on size selectively and allows oxygen to be separated while ensuring continuous, efficient nitrogen production.  Small oxygen molecules penetrate the pores while large nitrogen molecules by-pass the carbon molecular sieve.

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique prides itself on providing a complete air solution which goes far beyond the supply of the product. “Regular service and maintenance by skilled technicians using the right tools and genuine parts are fundamental to ensuring optimum, reliable and efficient performance of any equipment,” says Ackerman. “We take care of our customers’ requirements around the country by offering turnkey service solutions across our complete product portfolio which includes industrial oil-free and oil-injected compressors, gas and process compressors and expanders, air and gas treatment equipment and air management systems.”

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