November 24, 2017

Epiroc takes the mining and civil engineering stage

Effective 1 November 2017, Atlas Copco grows into two separate international groups of companies. Globally, the entire Mining & Rock Excavation Technique Business Area together with the Construction Tools Division of Atlas Copco becomes part of Epiroc while the industrial segment remains with Atlas Copco.

 With Epiroc dedicated to the mining and civil engineering sectors and Atlas Copco focusing on the industrial market, the split provides the best growth opportunities for both listed companies. As global leaders in their respective areas, the two companies are perfectly positioned to deliver sustainable productivity solutions to their respective customer base.

Spearheaded by newly appointed CEO, Per Lindberg, together with the support of a new board, and boasting a new head office, the evolution of Epiroc opens up a new chapter in the global mining and civil engineering industries.

Epiroc, still a subsidiary of Atlas Copco, has begun the journey as an independent company operating under its own brand name and logo. Epiroc will continue to use several services from Atlas Copco. Shareholding will remain unchanged.

On the Sub-Sahara African front, Sanjay Ahuja takes up the reigns as Regional General Manager of Epiroc South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Under  Ahuja’s leadership, Epiroc South Africa (Pty) Ltd will build on the solid reputation of Atlas Copco Mining & Rock Excavation Technique and drive the mining and civil engineering businesses forward, with customers always first in mind.

This separation milestone will create greater scope for growth and a stronger customer focus and establish a solid platform for Epiroc South Africa (Pty) Ltd to serve its respective customers more efficiently through the delivery of innovative product, system, technology and service solutions. “Epiroc South Africa (Pty) Ltd is devoted to providing customers with products and services that enhance their productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics,” comments  Ahuja.

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