November 24, 2017

Zimbabwe looking for investment in chrome mining

 Zimbabwe’s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Munesushe Munodawafa,  has urged investors to consider underground chromium operations rather than surface mining operations. Munodawafa was speaking at the Chromium Conference, which was held in Johannesburg this week.

Munodawafa said that the future of chrome mining in the country laid in underground mining rather than the current opencast methods, which he described as being limited in both quantity and quality.

“The future of chrome mining in Zimbabwe is in the developing of underground operations,” Munodawafa told the record number of 260 delegates drawn from all over the world.

He urged investors in underground chrome-mining operations to consider partnerships with Zimbabwe’s small-scale miners.

“While we have moved on empowerment of the small-scale miners, we do appreciate – and it’s something we’re looking at as a policy issue going forward – that small-scale miners may have limited capacity in terms of capitalisation – and now there are two things that we want to mention here. One is that we acknowledge that these small-scale miners may not be able to go into underground mining to a great extent, but also to indicate that they’re open to partnerships,” Munodawafa added.

He also highlighted a need for agglomeration technology for the processing of chromite fines and concentrates.

“We believe that without these interventions, the chrome sector may not give us as much value as we want,” he said.



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