December 15, 2017

DEHNrecord Alert makes the maintenance of SPDs smart and simple

DEHNrecord Alert enables status reports from surge protection devices (SPDs) to be transmitted via Modbus and, for example, relayed to a smart device. The start-up is quick and easy via the free app, which allows you to receive status reports, such as push messages, wherever you are, reporting if all the devices are working and, if not, which ones need replacing – without having to physically examine the equipment. Available from lightning and surge protection expert, DEHN Africa, the DEHNrecord Alert module makes for quick and easy SPD maintenance.

DEHNrecord Alert (DRC MCM AL XT) can manage status reports from four universally applicable remote signalling contacts and up to 150 SPDs, including the DEHN BLITZDUCTOR XT surge arrester.

Up to four surge arresters from the Red/Line range, or from other arbitrary functional modules with remote signalling contacts, can be monitored by way of remote signalling contacts. DEHNrecord Alert sends status reports on surge protective devices via Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU to an evaluation system and enables transmission to devices like notebooks, tablets, smartphones and PCs or to the system control room.

DEHNrecord Alert is quick and easy to start up with the help of an app. The app relays device information, for example, part numbers and type designations to DEHNrecord Alert. By sending this data to the user’s evaluation device, the user is provided with all the information required in the event of a fault to quickly procure and replace the faulty module.

DEHNrecord Alert facilitates the efficient and cost-effective co-ordination and conduct of service and maintenance work. The standard way of communicating the status of the device is via

Modbus TCP/RTU, however should different bus protocols be needed, DEHN will meet requirements.

Market leader DEHN, a globally active family-owned electrotechnical company with more than 1700 employees worldwide, offers innovative products and solutions as well as comprehensive services in the field of surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment. DEHN focuses on the protection of system and building technology, the transportation, telecommunication and process sector, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, etc. The company’s continuous growth is based on more than 100 years of tradition and experience as well as highest quality standards and consistent customer and market orientation throughout the world.

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