December 17, 2017

Komatsu introduces a new performance monitoring platform for mining customers

Komatsu, a global heavy equipment manufacturer, has implemented a cloud-based industrial Internet of things (IIOT) analytics platform powered by Cloudera Enterprise and Microsoft Azure.

The platform enables Komatsu teams to help mining customers around the world continuously monitor the performance of some of the largest equipment used in surface and underground mining, increase asset utilisation and productivity, and deliver essential resources including energy and industrial minerals for the global economy.

Komatsu’s JoySmart Solutions is an IIOT-based service that helps customers optimise machine performance using machine data and analytics. The JoySmart platform ingests, stores and processes a wide variety of data collected from mining equipment operating around the globe, often at very remote locations in harsh conditions. Types of equipment monitored includes longwall mining systems, electric rope shovels, continuous miners and wheel loaders.

Their data includes time-series metrics – machine pressures, temperatures, currents, etc – alarm and event data, and other information from third party systems. A single machine can have hundreds to multiple thousand data metrics and generate 30 000-50 000 unique time-stamped records per minute.

Komatsu data scientists can now build and deploy machine learning models faster to understand equipment operation, provide better insights for customers and ultimately influence future mining equipment design. Utilising components such as Apache Kudu and Apache Spark, Komatsu can drive real-time processing, machine learning and analytics on all of their IOT data, including data in motion and data at rest.

“Komatsu required a modern data platform that not only delivers next-generation machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities in the cloud, but is also scalable to increases in their customers’ equipment utilisation and productivity,” said Dave Shuman, IOT and manufacturing industry leader at Cloudera. “With Cloudera, Komatsu can now use the vast amounts of data to help its mining customers manage increasing pressure to be environmentally smarter and more productive at a lower operation cost.”

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