October 10, 2015

Mining Association of Canada

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) welcomes the recent announcement by the federal government regarding the regulatory approval of the Joslyn North Mine Project.

The project represents a major investment in Canada’s oil sands, an opportunity that will bring additional jobs and growth for the Canadian economy.

For the province of Alberta, the Joslyn Mine translates to $9 billion in new capital investment, $52 million a year to municipal property tax revenues and over $10 billion in revenues for provincial and federal government over the next 40 years.

Currently more than 140,000 Albertans are employed directly by the mining industry, and that figure is expected to increase over the next 10 years.

Alberta is also home to more than 540 mining industry suppliers, the third-largest number in Canada, providing services ranging from environmental, engineering and geotechnical consulting to drilling equipment.

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