September 22, 2017

WearCheck celebrates its 40th birthday

2016 is a very auspicious and exciting year for leading condition monitoring specialists WearCheck, as they proudly celebrate their 40th birthday this year.

From small beginnings as a soil-testing laboratory in the founding director’s garage in Durban in 1976, WearCheck has grown into THE condition monitoring company in Africa, operating eleven laboratories in seven countries across the continent and beyond, with further expansion in the pipeline.

With the fundamental goal to save money and time for customers, WearCheck has evolved into a convenient “one-stop-shop” for any mechanical or electrical operation that can benefit from reliability solutions services.

The optimisation of plant performance management is facilitated by a range of services offered by WearCheck, some of which include the scientific analysis of used oil, the analysis of fuels, transformer oils, coolants, greases and filters. Other monitoring techniques are also employed, such as the testing and control of the efficiency of combustion, heat transfer, thermography, vibration analysis, balancing, laser alignment and milling.
A wide range of industries has benefited from WearCheck’s services over the past 40 years, and continues to do so. WearCheck’s laboratories process in excess of 600 000 oil samples per annum from many operations, among them mining, construction, transport, electrical, shipping, industrial and aircraft.
The highly-qualified team of diagnosticians has amassed an invaluable databank of results and trend information over the four decades of the company’s lifetime. This information is key to providing a benchmark in many cases, and is referenced frequently in the diagnostic process, as well as for training purposes and case studies.
WearCheck recently joined the Torre Industries family – an exciting development with lots of potential for business growth.

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