September 25, 2017

A simplistic self-contained breathing apparatus for extreme conditions

MSA AirXpress 2 Fire is a new, economical self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with customisable configurations, allowing usage in different first responder applications. The adjustable flow rate on its demand valve allows for comfortable breathing and efficiency in air consumption.

The AirXpress 2 is ideally-suited to firefighting, rescue operations, escape scenarios, confined space entry and for search and rescue missions. MSA Africa respiratory and fire helmets product manager Suraksha Mohun explains that the new AirXpress 2 meets the EN 137, Type II requirements for the fire service market. “Not only is it reliable but it boasts an easy-to-maintain construction, which provides low cost of ownership.”

With a modern design, the AirXpress 2 features an ergonomic back plate, designed for unrestricted movement, while the chest strap prevents any slipping of the shoulder harness. The carrier on the AirXpress 2 is made with glass fibre reinforced polyamide to withstand high heat and flames. It boasts an optional manual bypass function which increases the airflow in extreme environments.

The new AX demand valve comes with adjustable flow rate, based on the user’s demand. This results in comfortable breathing and efficiency in air consumption. An optional manual bypass function offers added safety by increasing the airflow in extreme environments. Zippers on the shoulder harness allow for easy switching of pressure gauge and demand valve from one side to another.

No leak test is required once the hoses are switched. The pressure gauge with rubber cap offers increased protection against shock and impact. For easy reading it swivels in every position. The luminescent double scale of bar and Mpa ensures zero tolerance for misreading any information. Further optional features like a second connection for rescue purposes or a retrofittable RFID transponder for easy inventory management complete the economic SCBA system.

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