September 24, 2017

Reducing industrial maintenance costs through rope access

A stagnating economy has resulted in industrial companies looking for cost-effective means of maintenance that will not interfere with their desired output. Skyriders, a leading provider of rope access-aided maintenance, ensures that companies still get the job done efficiently, while saving money.

Safety is paramount in any job carried out in the industrial sector and even though rope access has been proven to surpass many traditional means when it comes to safety, much still needs to be done to educate the sector on it. Skyriders marketing manager Mike Zinn explains that rope access presents flexibility when working at heights. “It allows for one to reach all sides of a big structure and quickly get the job done. All Skyriders technicians work with two ropes attached to them to ensure safety. The second rope acts as a backup and is attached to a device for extra safety.”

Skyriders has done maintenance and non-destructive testing on silos, smoke stacks, boilers, and many other structures where height or confined spaces are a consideration in the industrial sector. Its scope of work includes concrete inspection and repairs, steel erection, protective coating, internal and external maintenance of civil structures, inspection on the smoke stacks in the cooling towers and many more.

Skyriders technicians receive training to be qualified for level 1, 2, and 3 IWH rope access certificates. The company has a zero fatality rate, thanks to its strict safety regulations and adherence to the correct procedures. “We ensure that our technicians are well trained, the equipment is in order and senior staff are present onsite, monitoring everything,” notes Zinn.

According to Zinn, there is currently a steady uptake for rope access services in South Africa, and he is confident that it will continue due to the challenging economic climate. “Operations will look for more cost-effective solutions for maintenance work. With rope access, the man on the rope is the man doing the work, which brings more benefit,” he concludes

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