September 19, 2017

New technology redefines metal processing

Metso N SeriesTM NSPTM Briquetting Presses

Reliable Metso N SeriesTM NSPTM Briquetting Presses turn steel, aluminum, cast iron and other metals into a compact form for easier handling and more convenient transporting. Firmly packed, high-density briquettes increase metal recovery by enabling more accurate metering and reducing burn-off during melting.

The efficient, single-ram presses are equipped with a constant feeding system and a state-of-the-art programmable logic controller (PLC). N Series Briquetting Presses also have a user-friendly operating system with a remote diagnosis option for easy and quick support from the Metso service team. Metso N Series NSP Briquetting Presses make use of high specific pressures, enabling the pressing of stable and solid briquettes and simultaneous fluid extraction.

“The high-density briquettes made with the NSP Briquetting Presses improve processing, enhance efficiency and speed up logistics. The briquettes are easier to handle and meter when re-melting. They increase metal yield by cutting burn-off loss. The briquettes also reduce volume and thus result in lower storage and transportation costs,” says Krischan Wolters, Product Manager, Shears and Balers, Europe, Metso.

Metso N Series NSP Briquetting Presses can be used independently or integrated into various processing plants regardless of size.

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