August 21, 2017

820 megawatt of power to be added into the national grid – Botswana

Botswana is looking to add up to 820 megawatt of power into the national grid from both coal and solar- powered plants by 2020, leaving it a surplus for export, minerals and energy minister Kitso Mokaila said yesterday.

Independent power producers were expected to develop two 300 megawatt stations, while the refurbishment of a 120 megawatt coal-fuelled power plant was expected to be completed by the end of 2017, Mokaila told a mining conference.
Earlier this year, Botswana awarded a tender for a 300 megawatt power plant to a joint venture between South Korea’s Posco and Japan’s Marubeni.

The southern African country also intends to order a 300 megawatt power plant from a joint venture between South Korea’s Daewoo and Kepco.

“In four years’ time, we see ourselves as not only self-sufficient, but we hope to have extra capacity to be exporting into the region,” Mokaila said.
He said the government would put out a 100 megawatt solar power tender in the next two months, aiming to have it in operation by 2018.

Botswana’s current power demand stands at an average 600 megawatt. Its sole power station, Morupule B, produces about half of that, with the remainder coming from imports and diesel generators.

Since it was commissioned in 2012, the Chinese-built 600 megawatt Morupule B power plant has not produced at full capacity due to boiler failures and tube leaks.

“We are also refurbishing Morupule B, and negotiations to sell it and have it operate as an independent power producer have begun,” said Mokaila.
– Nampa-Reuters

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