August 20, 2017

Caltex unveils new fuel formula, Clean and Glide Tech

The Caltex brand has reformulated its signature additive package with the addition of new Clean & Glide Technology. The new active ingredients are designed to clean and protect metal surfaces within the engine. Reducing friction – and thus wear and tear – between key engine components, the technology is said to help deliver enhanced engine protection and improved fuel economy with continued use over time.

The benefits of Caltex with Techron have long been known and making changes to a proven formula was not undertaken lightly. Chevron, which markets the Caltex brand, conducted laboratory tests prior to the product release and accumulated up to 600,000km of real world fleet tests to ensure the final formula’s effectiveness.

The ability of the new formulation to protect metal surfaces was evaluated in the High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) laboratory test. The standard diesel lubricity test was modified to safely assess the lubricating properties of petrol. The results indicated that when compared to its predecessor in a controlled environment, Caltex’s new formulation with Clean & Glide Technology was able to reduce metal wear and friction by an average of 38% and 41% respectively using petrol from around Asia Pacific and South Africa. This is important because Caltex with Techron is formulated to instantly reduce friction in the upper cylinder area of the engine.

The company says that with continued use, Clean & Glide Technology will begin to build-up in the car’s crankcase lubricant to replenish friction modifiers that are consumed during normal operation. Separate laboratory tests simulating this build-up of Techron in the lubricant demonstrated the effectiveness of Clean & Glide Technology to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%, when compared to the previous formulation. Caltex lists improved fuel economy, reliable performance, lower emissions and a smoother drive as benefits of the new formula. The Clean & Glide Technology is exclusive to Caltex fuels in Asia Pacific and South Africa.

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