August 21, 2017

Displaced villagers in Zimbabwe disillusioned by government

Seven years ago the Zimbabwean government relocated people from their diamond rich villages in Chiadzwa in Marange to Arda Tansau, government-owned 12, 000 hectare farm settlement to pave way for athe country’s biggest diamond field. Unfortunately, seven years later, the proverbial “Promised Land” has turned out to be a land of unfulfilled promises.

The impression or at least belief that villagers had was that Arda Tansau was going to be a new township with tarred roads, shops and health clinics. But it seems their dream has turned to be a nightmare of crumbling home food scarcity.

“Life is really difficult here at Arda Transau. We are going hungry,” Mujuru told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “We had been promised honey and milk here but it is now a nightmare for us.”

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