August 20, 2017

DrayTek’s Consolidated Management Router helps the Midsize Business to Embrace Benefits of Intelligent Networking


Things are always changing in the world, so do the networks. To have a more convenient life, we are moving from the desk to the mobile, from the wired to the wireless, and from the physical to the virtual. What a router can do for a mid-sized office? Would it only be able to bridge the traffic to Internet? What are the core features for business market? Is it possible to make a router to be a centrally managed system to assist the IT staff build up a well-managed network easily? Is it possible to implement various features via software development instead of buying an extra devices or tedious renewal license?

Auto Configuration Server

Since 2010, DrayTek launched a x86-based centralized management system, the VigorACS SI. Let System Integrators manage DrayTek’s devices with more convenience. It provided a visualized interface to assist customers to set-up VPN connection, batch configuration restoring, monitor the device status, firmware status maintaining and management by Time-scheduling. Thousands of devices can be managed and maintained remotely through VigorACS SI. From the experience, DrayTek realized the management is a benefit to our customers and starts to migrate the features to Vigor router, such as the Central VPN Management and Central AP Management. Both features launched in Q4 of 2013. In addition, an IT staff of mid-sized office can deploy a well-managed network by enabling the User Management and Bandwidth Management features.

Central VPN Management

The Central VPN Management is an optimal solution to manage all DrayTek’s routers for a mid-sized office. The status of VPN connection devices can be
monitored at a glance. Moreover, binding in the monitoring system in real time alerting through SMS or e-mail will help you to get free from the office. You will be informed whatever Internet or VPN connection failed in time. The CVM also provide a scaled-down version of VigorACS SI to help the administrator to do firmware upgrade and backup/restore configuration by integrated with timescheduling setting. IT staffs are able to backup configuration or upgrade firmware automatically in off-time. In addition, it provides very easy click-to-next VPN configuration.

Central AP Management

You know that wireless strength will be decreased due to the environmental factors. Therefore, Access Point is required to deploy the wireless network in an office. However, how to monitor and configure those APs when there are more than five in the same area is another task. Therefore, offering such system in a router as an add-on feature which has to cooperate with the installed DrayTek APs is our main task in 2014.

Now, the feature already implmented on Vigor2860 and Vigor2925 series since Q4 of 2013. The feature can assist IT staffs to configure Vigor AP series, to
upgrade firmware, backup configuration and monitor the status of all APs by login DrayTek router. Moreover, a default wireless profile will provision for the new installed AP devices automatically.

Except the devices monitor and maintenance, DrayTek add in more management features to help IT administratiors to implement specific authentication management in your network connections.

User management
To build up an external AAA system is a lousy job for the small office IT staffs. The User Management provides you an internal authentication and authorization system to control the login device via specifying the IP address and username/password, and also to control Internet accessibility by Time or Data budget allocation. You also can have it interoperate with an external AAA server, as there is an AAA server running.

Connection and Bandwidth
Although, Internet bandwidth is getting speedy, besides data traffics, more and more applications rely on Internet, such as video and voice streaming. However, the connections and computing power of a router are limited, and to provide an efficient bandwidth policy is also very important. DrayTek router provides various and flexible bandwidth control mechanism, for instance the QoS, session and bandwidth management, an isolated Guest or VPN network, hybrid Internet facilities with share loading…etc. With these advanced management features, an IT staff can deploy a well-managed local network quickly and easily.

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