August 20, 2017

Insight on fuel management systems by Stanislav Maksimov

Stanislav Maksimov Photo

• What is a fuel management system?

Fuel Management System (FMS) is the accurate and precision instrument, which allows management of the company to optimize fuel costs for the company and eliminate the possibility of theft by fuel drivers. In some cases, the ROI for the company installing the system for one unit is less than one drain. Without the system, owners have no idea how much he is losing every day. For instance, with Omnicomm Online Fuel Management system, the owner of the company sees in real time what is happening with his fleet. Reflected key parameters show distance route, travel time, rest time, fuel and many other options; to obtain this information is enough to have access to the Internet and modern computer with browser.

• What does it do for a company or benefits of having a fuel management system?

The driver is under total control and the business owner makes optimal business decisions based on the clear and factual information on the performance of the unit. Without such FMS, calculation of fuel spending actually suffers of large inaccuracy, which is not in favor of the owner of course. Tricks with the system are absolutely transparent and well known by our experts. People involved in fuel theft would be easily determined with the assistance of our FMS. As far as we all know, the only one who is interested in the unstable system operation is the driver himself. It is necessary to make him responsible for the set on the vehicle equipment and the circle would be closed.

• What are the technologies available out there for in this sector?

The Mining sector is associated with huge operational costs for the operation of heavy machinery. Precision positioning system in the field of excavation for processing will be improved; in certain fields the latest telemetry devices will be used. Each of the phases of the mining can be optimized; with respect to fuel consumption, we are able to offer complete control over fuel and other key parameters with the “Omnicomm Online” FMS system

What future trends do you foresee in this sector?

We do observe turbulence which leads to an increase in volatility of mining and processing company’s assets. The company shall expect a serious restructuring aimed at improving the efficiency of the entire production circuit; also more attention shall be paid to planned increasing productivity, savings in operating costs, as well as more intensive communication with investors to attract additional investment. The trend at the moment is negative so it’s vitally necessary to look for the new “points of growth” as well as opportunities for cost optimization.

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