August 18, 2017

Operators from major mine in South America share experience with SAFEmine CAS

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A leading mine in South America recently conducted a survey, polling their vehicle operators on the view of and experience with the SAFEmine’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS). Results indicate that 98% of the 521 operators say that SAFEmine CAS is a useful tool for keeping them and their colleagues safe. Additional statistics and comments from the operator survey include:

·          98% of the operators believe that the SAFEmine CAS has helped them locate nearby vehicles in their surroundings.

·          97% say that the information presented on SAFEmine CAS is sufficient and easy to interpret.

·          85% are confident that the SAFEmine CAS provides them additional security, both during daylight hours and at night

·         49% say that the SAFEmine CAS has alerted them in more than 10 instances to the presence of vehicles that they had not seen.

·         28% report that the SAFEmine CAS has more than 10 times helped them prevent an accident.

·         One operator shared an experience where SAFEmine’s CAS saved him from a collision. “While I was driving and taking a curve, I suddenly found myself very close to a bus full of personnel. The bus was going 10km/h and with only parking lights on. Thanks to CAS, I avoided a collision.”

·         Another operator stated, “One day when I was driving in reverse I didn’t notice that there was equipment behind me until the system alerted. Without SAFEmine I would have crashed.”

·          “I was in the area of the shovel during my cigarette break. When I started my haul truck there was another haul truck on my blind side. I would have crashed if the system had not alerted me.”

·         There have been also instances when operators were sleepy or distracted and the system saved them from an incident. One operator said “It saved my life! One time I was tired, I wasn’t paying attention, and I nearly crashed, but the system alerted me in time.”

SAFEmine is a company that provides a complete range of advanced traffic safety solutions for the surface mining environment. The SAFEmine Collision Avoidance System (CAS) is a world-wide standard that warns with audio and visual indications of possible collisions and supports the operator by improving traffic awareness, especially in blind spots around the vehicle.

To date, SAFEmine CAS protects more than 20,000 vehicles in more than 45 mines worldwide. The company SAFEmine provides an array of products and services that include CAS, real-time fleet tracking, solutions to avoid damaging clean-up equipment around heavy rotating machines, and sophisticated displays that present vital information intuitively in truck cabins.

FatigueMonitor will be added shortly. SAFEmine has a global presence, with subsidiaries and local partners around the world, is headquartered in Switzerland, and part of Hexagon.

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