August 18, 2017



The MineSight Implicit Modeler reduces from days to minutes the time taken in modeling complex veins. Now geologists in vein modeling can work faster and with greater precision, modeling complex veins directly from drillhole data. Add MineSight’s world-class surface and solid Boolean tools and geologists can easily handle complex veining systems, including bi-furcating and crossing veins.

“MineSight has taken a leading role in developing innovative solutions to help geologists spend more time being geologists,” says Mark Gabbitus, Senior Product Manager-Geology & Operations. “I remember when I was a geologist in Australia’s Northern Territory, working on a narrow vein gold mine.

I think about how many hours I used to spend modeling these types of features. Now I can do in minutes what used to take me days.”


Since its release in 2013, MineSight Implicit Modeler has been lightening geologists’ workloads around the world.

“Implicit Modeler was actually one of the best things that ever happened to us,” said Raza Parvez, Senior Geologist for Canada’s Atrum Coal.

“I think MineSight Implicit Modeler is really going to revolutionize how complex coal models are built,” added Dustin Meisburger, Senior Mining Engineer at Canada’s Peace River Coal.

Implicit Modeler is using logic originally developed for coal seam modeling, or true thickness modeling.
“This is something we have applied to the complex coal deposits in British Columbia, Canada, for years and the functionality was recently enhanced by adding the logic to our Implicit Modeler,” said Gabbitus. “We can use exactly the same logic for veins as well to ensure that the hanging wall and footwall surfaces do not cross.”


Recent enhancements to MineSight Torque and MineSight Implicit Modeler have made the selection of data points in veins much easier. The ability to output solids as well as surfaces makes the generation of the final vein quick and easy, ensuring a watertight model.

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