August 23, 2017

Wesizwe Platinum the latest victim of cyber attack

Wesizwe the latest victim of cyber attack, in a statement released today (6/6/2016) the company acknowledged the illegal attack on their server hosted by their service provider.

“It has come to the company management’s attention that there’s been a data leak allegedly by members of the Anonymous hacker collective. The hackers dumped online data that they claim is from a database obtained from Wesizwe Platinum Limited Servers”.

Wesizwe acknowledges the breach and has taken the necessary steps to redress the situation, amongst which being to trace the entry point and lock it down.  The entry point was a server hosted in the cloud by a service provider on behalf of Wesizwe.

The data that was dumped cannot be used to access Wesizwe’s corporate network.  The data accessed is a newsletter distribution list to interested parties hosted by a service provider.  Wesizwe understands the seriousness of this breach, and will implement measures necessary to prevent such recurrence, which may include cutting ties with the service provider.  It is highly regretted that names and e-mail addresses of our newsletter subscribers were exposed.

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